Tom Leach Cape Cod Harbormaster
Marine Painting Gallery

Tom Leach Original Art
Selective works on display at
The Gallery, 551 Main Street, Harwich Port

(standard prices unless otherwise noted below)

9x12 $125 matted & framed
11x15 $185 matted & framed
15x22 $275 matted & framed

(prices unless otherwise noted)

8x10 $190 framed
11x14 $225 to $250 framed
16x20 $375 to $500 framed
(standard prices unless otherwise noted below)
Pick up at studio or postage and handling $10-$15-$20
(6.25% Mass Sales tax is charged)

(If you only want the painting please ask Tom 508-237-9291)

*Some paintings and or commison paintings may be more.


About the Artist

Tom Leach retired as Harbormaster of Harwich Port on Cape Cod. Here he shares his lifetime of views on the water where he managed the village's three active harbors called Wychmere, Allen and Saquatucket for 40 years. He later worked as a sailing captain for Chatham Bars Inn for four seasons.

Tom Leach has been sketching and painting art since before graduating Tufts University and is a jurored member of the Guild of Harwich Artists. Although he majored in chemistry, Tom made time to take art courses in perspective, anatomy, and oil painting. He finds the shape and design of boats and changing boat scenes intriguing and is a boat designer by trade. In 1984, he designed and built the first Cape Cod Frosty a dinghy which now numbers in the thousands with an active racing class. His time on the water has allowed him to appreciate, study and paint this subject.

When not enjoying his art he has stayed very active as a party boat captain operating the Cap'N Kid out of Saquatucket Harbor and, as an amateur astronomer, leading evening stargazing talks at Wequassett Inn. Tom also enjoys surfing, golf, racing a Flying Scot, or just knocking around Pleasant Bay and Wychmere on his catboat TOM CAT.

Some of Tom's selective work is on display at The Art Gallery (GHA), Main Street, Harwich Port, Mass (located behind the Hot Stove restaurant). The artist also maintains a gallery at his home in East Harwich. Please call or text for an appointment at cell (508) 237-9291.



These are all original watercolor paintings priced as listed. Framing costs considered for matted, IKEA, RIBBA or A.C. Moore, quality frame and glass. Unframed art can be mailed anywhere in the world, and frankly I would rather just paint than frame anyway. We must add 6.25% sales tax to all items for Massachusetts residents. Matted and framed art may be seen or picked up at my gallery on Cape Cod ( Harwich, by appointment only). If you see something here you like that is sold or have an idea of what you would like painted, I am more than willing to undertake this commission at prices similar to what you see here. I can paint from a sketch, photograph or idea. You can contact Tom Leach or call direct at 508-237-9291.

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What's New

Scallop Vessels at Rest, 9x12, watercolor

Up Oars, 9x12, watercolor

Storm Gone, Bears Neck
9x12, watercolor

Tres Amigos, Provincetown, Mass, 9x12, watercolor

Beached at Oyster River, 9x12, watercolor

Reliance Island Bound, 9x12, watercolor

Bernie's Boat
9x12, watercolor

Table Pottery Plymouth Plantation, 9x12, watercolor

Ye Olde Shellfish Dock, Wellfleet, 9x12, watercolor

Benny's Boat, 9x12, watercolor

Waiting For The Tide
9x12, watercolor

Opties Out, Wychmere Harbor, 9x12, watercolor

Ghosting Along, 9x12, watercolor

Blowing Home, 9x12, watercolor

Catboat in the Light Stuff
12x9, watercolor

Umbrellas at The Black Pearl, 9x12, watercolor

Dinghies at the Dike, Stage Harbor, 8x10, watercolor

Wychmere Sloops, 9x12, watercolor

Catboats Ashore Wychmere Harbor
9x12, watercolor

Perfect Day's End, 9x12, watercolor

Optimists on a Run at Wychmere Harbor, 8x10, acrylic

Twilight at Stage Harbor, 16x20, acrylic


OTB the Yacht of Commodore
William C. Sullivan Passing
before the Stone Horse Yacht Club,
16x20 acrylic


View Across The Canal, 11x14, watercolor

Out We Go, 8x10, acrylic

Passing Chatham Light on the Slack, 8x10, acrylic

Sunset Sail, 9x12 watercolor

Sailing by the Chatham Yacht Club, 8x10, acrylic

Getting Ice at Fish Pier, 9x12 watercolor

The Dragger, 9x12, watercolor

Late Afternoon at Fish Pier, 9x12 watercolor

Beetle Cats Off Eastward Ho!, 9x12 watercolor

Reach Into the Abyss, 9x12 watercolor

Portico Light at Brooks Academy, 9x12, watercolor

Beetlecat at Barnstable Harbor, 9x12 watercolor

Late Afternoon at Fish Pier, 9x12 watercolor

After the Rain Stage Harbor, 9x12 watercolor

Cambria sailing against Rainbow, 9x12, watercolor


The Haul Out, 9x12 watercolor

View Along the Path, 9x12 watercolor

Heading Home Edgartown, 9x12 watercolor

View From Afar, 11x14, watercolor

Coast Guard Station, Eastham, 8x10 watercolor

Coming Through the Narrows, 9x12 watercolor

Resting Place Wychmere Harbor, 9x12 watercolor


Rainbow Light Chatham Harbor, 9x12, watercolor

Calm at Town Cove, 9x12 watercolor

Off Bank Street, 9x12 watercolor


Honey Dew off Harwich Port, 9x12 watercolor

Lazy Day Nantucket, 9x12, watercolor

The Oyster Bar, 9x12 watercolor

Boat House at Jackknife Point, 9x12 watercolor

Checkered Past Stage Harbor, 9x12 watercolor

Evening Low Brewster 9x12, watercolor

Fog Arriving, 9x12 watercolor

The Sun Came Out, 9x12 watercolor

Mayflower 2017, 9x12 watercolor

Passing Tuckernuck 9x12, watercolor

The Canal Wychmere Harbor, 9x12 watercolor

West Side Shadows, 9x12 watercolor

Before Dawn, 9x12 watercolor

Chatham Commercial Block 9x12, watercolor

Five Bays Bistro, 10x8 acrylic

Hard Aground, 9x12 watercolor

Catboat Near the Shore, 9x12 watercolor

Wychmere Harbor 1980 9x12, watercolor


Pogie's Barn and Catboat, 10x8 watercolor

Outbound, 9x12 watercolor

Cottage on Ayer Lane, 9x12 watercolor

Cotuit Skiff 9x12, watercolor

Cotuit Skiffs, 10x8 watercolor

Finest Kind, 9x12 watercolor

Gable End Gray Gull, 9x12 watercolor

House on the Bluff 9x12, acrylic

Lazy Day, 8x10 watercolor

May Morning in the Port, 8x10 watercolor


Drying Out, Round Cove, 11x15 watercolor

Kinship Off NBYC 16x20, acrylic


Fishing Fleet at Herring River, 16x20 Acrylic


Night Home, 8x10 acrylic

Optimists off Bank Street, 8x10 acrylic

Parade to the Mark 8x10, acrylic


At Rest Provincetown, 8x10 Acrylic


Opti Run Stonehorse, 8x10 acrylic


86 vs Green Machine, 8x10 acrylic

Drifters, 8x10 acrylic

Rush to the Mark, 8x10 Acrylic

Optimist Racers Wychmere, 8x10 acrylic


Heading Home, 8x10 acrylic


Catboat at the Narrows, 8x10 acrylic

On the Reach 8x10 Acrylic

Cap'N Kid 8x10 acrylic

Wychmere Wedding 16x20 acrylic

Wychmere Fence Sitter 8x10 acrylic

Heading Out the Channel 8x10 Acrylic

Steve's Dragger 8x10 acrylic

In the Port 12x24 acrylic


Ocean Edge 12x24 acrylic

Mere Fun 8x10 Acrylic

Fall River 12x24 acrylic


Balboa Island Evening Strollers 8x10 acrylic

Candy Store Balboa Island 8x10 acrylic

South Bayfront Dock Little Balboa Island 8x10 Acrylic

Bridge to Harbor Island Newport Beach 8x10 acrylic

Boats at Little Balboa Island 8x10 acrylic


Divers Cove, Laguna 8x10 acrylic


Balboa Yacht Club 12x24 Acrylic


Newport Beach Pavilion 8x10 acrylic

Catboat Shore Mooring 8x10 oil canvas panel


Rock Harbor 36500 8x10 oil canvas panel

Explorers Corona Del Mar 12x24 Acrylic

Catboat off Stone Horse Yacht Club
8x10 oil on canvas panel

Catboat Aground 8x10 oil canvas panel

Port to Port 8x10 oil canvas panel

Chatham Light 8x10 oil on canvas panel

Webber's Boat
8x10 oil on canvas panel

Hyannis Yacht Club Sailboats at Rest 11x14 oil

Mere Corner 11x14 oil

The Highlands 8x10 oil on canvas

The Boat Works
8x10 oil

You Have to Go Out 9x12 watercolor

Right Bank, Herring River Links 8x10 oil on canvas

Shack in the Dune on Sandy Neck 11x14 oil on canvas

Green Wave 8x10 oil on canvas

It's a Tight Spot 8x10 oil on canvas

The Club House, Harwich Port Links 8x10 oil on canvas

View from the Bridge 8x10 oil on canvas

Snow Day Harwich Massachusetts
9x12 watercolor

My Haven 11x14

Allie Hunter 11x14

Sea Fever 11x14

William B passing by Newport Harbor Yacht Club
11x14 oil

Catboats Running into Nantucket Harbor 11x14

Codfather 11x14

Drifter in the Mere 12x24

Harwich Port Boat Works
16x20 oil

The Old Chatham Lobstermen
11x14 oil

After the Storm Quidnet Pond 8x10 oil

Joan & Tom 8x10 oil


Passing Brant Point
16x20 oil

Going on the Whales 8x10 oil

Orleans Yacht Club 16x20 oil

Breakwater Beach Brewster 9x12

The Boys are Back

Wyndemere Bluff 9x12

Ryders Cove Autumn 9x12

January Thaw

Gentlemen's Row 9x12


Shanty Herring River 9x12


Sunset in the Mere 9x12

Quanset Bound 9x12


Opti Run 9x12

Jack's Boat, Chatham Bars Inn 8x10 oil

Moving the Mast 9x12

Cape Ann Shore 9x12

Stormy Surf 9x12

Cape Cod Frosty
Building Plans International

Nauset 11x14

Stone Horse Yacht Club 2
11x14 oil

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