Town of Harwich Bay Scallop Regulations
(any year)

An ADULT SCALLOP shall be a bay scallop, Aequipecten irradians, with a well defined raised annual growth line.

The Town of Harwich does not require a specialized Bay Scallop Permit but instead honors regular valid Harwich Shellfish Permits for purposes of harvesting legal Bay Scallops. Those who participate in the fishery are welcome. Scallopers are cautioned to be very careful about interpreting between adult and seed scallops and are cautioned to err toward returning any questionable scallops to the beds. The interpretation of these rules against the main body of regulations is that Family scallop fishing is allowed only on regular open family shellfish days while commercial scalloping is not permited on Sunday. The Natural Resources Department would appreciate any recommendations, suggestions or evaluation of its shellfishery including the improvement of its service or operations. Please feel free to contact Tom Leach, Natural Resources Director at 508-430-7532.

  1. Effective November 1st, through March 31st, permit holders may take adult scallops from all open areas. Effective October 1st through October 30th , permit holders may take adult scallops from deep water (areas exceeding 13 MLW) areas of Nantucket Sound.
  2. Holders of Family, Senior Citizen and valid one-day shellfish permits may take adult scallops between the hours of one-half hour before sunrise until 4:30 P.M.. The limit in this instance will be one (1) level bushel of adult scallops per permit per week.
  3. An ADULT SCALLOP shall be a scallop Aequipecten irradians with a well defined raised annual growth line. Any scallop without said line shall be deemed a seed scallop.
  4. Holders of Harwich Commercial shellfish permits may take adult scallops between the hours of one-half hour before sunrise until 4:00 P.M. During the months of February and March scallops must be landed by 4:30 P.M..
  5. The Commercial limit shall be five (5) level bushels for each permit holder with a maximum of two permit holders per boat. Shellfish permits cannot be reassigned or transferred.
  1. All Commercial Shellfish Permit holders must land their catch at an official at an official Harwich Town Landing or any place designated by the Shellfish Constable or his/her assistants to allow for inspection. The shellfish constables have the right to board boats to inspect for valid shellfish permits or catch.
  2. All scallops taken at Pleasant Bay by boat/drag shall be landed at Round Cove Town Landing.
  3. No commercial permit holder shall come ashore with scallops and return to the waters for the purpose of further scalloping without the permission of the Shellfish Constable. Scallops must be landed in the shell.
  4. Scallop dredges shall not be more than thirty six inches (36") wide and of light construction similar to the conventional lead drag.
  5. All culling shall be done in immediately and in deep water. No starfish, horshoe crabs, green crabs or conchs shall be returned to the water but taken ashore in the shell and placed above the high tide mark.
  6. All shellfish permits must be renewed by January 1st of the New Year. The Selectmen reserve the right to suspend any permits for violation of these regulations.

The foregoing regulations are hereby authorized by the vote of the Board of Selectmen on this day September 15th ,1994 and shall become effective upon adoption.

Allin P.Thompson Jr., Chairman Dana A. DeCosta
William Doherty, Jr.
Sandra B.Daniels
Shirley A. Gomes

(These regulations will be made part of the 2005 Harbor Management to be accepted by vote of the Board of Selectmen)

* Clarification: Since Harwich Shellfish Permits are honored for purposes of harvesting legal Bay Scallops, holders of Family, Senior Citizen, and One-day permits may take adult scallops in accordance with the times preset as normal shellfishing days only!
Never on Mondays, Tuesdays or Fridays.