Bid Opening Minutes

Thursday, April 14, 2011





At 2:00 P.M., April 14, in the presence of Tom Leach and Paul Sweetser, Bob Cafarelli received and opened sealed bids for the replacement of Wixon Dock.  Representatives from a number of the bidders were also present.


Results of the bid opening were as follows (from low to high):



Company Name

Bid Price

Grove Construction, Inc.


AGL Mooring and Dock


Robert B. Our , Co.


Hugo Key and Sons


AGM Marine


Cape Cod Docks, Inc.


Linberg Marine




The bids were taken under advisement by Bob Cafarelli for recommendation to the Board of Selectmen for award of contract at a later date.


The bid opening was adjourned at   2:20 pm


Notes by:  Bob Cafarelli, Town Engineer