The Town of Harwich owns a parcel of real estate on Lower County Road in Harwich Port at Allen Harbor.  The property is used as a Town landing and parking lot.  The land is under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen, and the Board has determined that in the off-season months a portion of the parking lot could be leased for other purposes without interfering with the municipal use of the property.


            The Board has, therefore, determined that the site is presently under-utilized, and a portion of the parking lot could be leased in the off-season for use as a winter storage area for boats.  The portion of the parking lot to be leased, measures seventy-two feet (72’) in width and three hundred feet (300’) in length extending from Lower County Road southerly to the waters of Allen Harbor.  The seventy-two foot dimension being measured along said Lower County Road and the westerly boundary of the property to be leased conforming to the westerly boundary of the town-owned land.  The lease shall provide, however, that boat storage will be limited to the paved parking lot area of the parcel.  All interested parties will be responsible for viewing the parcel and familiarizing themselves with site conditions and determining the precise square foot area of the paved portion of the site.


            There is attached hereto as “Appendix A” a copy of a portion of Harwich Assessors Map 12, which shows the area in question.  The parcel to be leased is a portion of Parcel Y1 58B as shown on said map.  The map (Appendix A) is not to scale.


            The property will be available from November 1, 2008 to May 20, 2009; November 1, 2009 to May 20, 2010; and November 1, 2010 to May 20, 2011.


            Bid proposals are solicited from parties interested in leasing this site for the purpose of winter storage for boats.  All bids must be submitted to the Town Administrator in the manner specified in the published Invitation for Bids.


1.                  The Selectmen shall not accept a bid proposal of less than $5,500 for each year of the contract.


2.                  A description of insurance coverages and amounts to be carried – the Town requires a minimum of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) in liability insurance naming the Town as an additional insured.


3.                  A statement of financial condition of the bidder, including a statement of experience in hauling and storing boats.


            In evaluating the bid proposals the Town will give primary consideration to the rent to be paid for the use of the property.  As a corollary to the offered rent factor, the Town will consider and make a determination concerning the financial ability of the bidder to meet obligations under the proposed lease and the level of experience in hauling and storing boats.


            All bidders are advised that the provision of the M.G.L. ch. 7§40J requires that a party entering into a lease of the type proposed must file a statement of beneficial interest with the Deputy Commissioner of the Division of Capital Planning  and Operations.  There is attached hereto as Appendix B a form to be used for this purpose.  All bidders shall complete the form in duplicate and submit both to the Town as part of their bid proposal.


            The Town reserves the right to reject any and all bids.  Additionally, the Town reserves the right to conditionally accept a bid proposal and recommend modifications thereof for submission to and acceptance by a successful bidder.


            The Town further reserves the right to incorporate into any lease, the terms and conditions deemed necessary to protect the interests of the Town.


            The bid may be submitted in letter form, but all interested parties are cautioned to include all information required in these documents.






























(Please submit your bid in duplicate)



We, the undersigned, _________________________________________, with their place of business in the City/Town of _______________________, in the State of, _________, submit herewith, in conformity with the specifications provided by the Town of Harwich, our bid for the following:





                        For the period 11/1/08 to 5/20/09                    $_______________________


                        For the period 11/1/09 to 5/20/10                    $_______________________


                        For the period 11/1/10 to 5/20/11                    $_______________________


Bid process and award of contract are made in conformity with M.G.L. ch. 30B, unless otherwise stated.















The undersigned certifies under penalties of perjury that this bid proposal has been made and submitted in good faith and without collusion or fraud with any other person.  As used in this certification, the word “person” shall mean any natural person, business, partnership, corporation, union, committee, club or other organization, entity or group of individuals.



_____________________________________                                  ________________________

Authorized signature                                                                             Date


_____________________________________                                  ________________________

Business name                                                                                      Acknowledgement of

                                                                                                            Addendums received (if any)





Town/State/Zip Code



Telephone number



Tax ID or SS#








Pursuant to M.G.L. ch. 62C§49A, I certify under the penalties of perjury that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, I am in compliance with all laws of the Commonwealth relating to taxes, reporting of employees and contractors, and withholding and remitting of child support.




Authorized signature