Harbormaster Combined Buoy Observation Table

44142 - Current Weather at the La Have Bank buoy44141 - Current Weather at the Laurentian Fan buoy44251 - St. Mary's Bay, St. John's, NF44255 - Rames Island Buoy, Burgeo, NF44007 - PORTLAND 12 NM Southeast of Portland,ME44005 - GULF OF MAINE 85 NM EAST OF PORTSMOUTH,NH44008 - NANTUCKET 54NM Southeast of Nantucket44011 - GEORGES BANK 170 NM East of Hyannis, MA44013 - BOSTON 16 NM East of Boston, MA44025 - LONG ISLAND 33 NM South of Islip, NY44004 - HOTEL 200NM East of Cape May,NJ 44014 - VIRGINIA BEACH 64 NM East of Virginia Beach, VA41001 - 150 NM East of Cape HATTERAS41002 - S HATTERAS - 250 NM East of Charleston, SC41004 - EDISTO - 41 NM Southeast of Charleston, SC41008 - GRAYS REEF - 40 NM Southeast of Savannah, GA41010 - CANAVERAL EAST 120NM East of Cape Canaveral 41009 - CANAVERAL 20 NM East of Cape Canaveral, FL 42036 - W. TAMPA 106NM West Northwest of Tampa, FL 42039 - PENSACOLA 56 NM South of Panama City, FL 42003 - E GULF 260 nm South of Panama City, FL
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Good Luck! Tom Leach, Harwich Harbormaster