Freshwater Ponds & Lakes
Harwich, Massachusetts

PondAcresMaximun DepthHeight above Sea LevelFish Types*
Long Pond743max depth 66' elevation 31'H,SB,LB,YP
Seymour Pond181max depth 38'elevation 29'H,SB,YP,P
Hinkleys Pond171max depth 22'elevation 28'H,SB,YP,P
West Reservoir100max depth 8'
(part of Herring River)
elevation 7'H,YP,P,SM
Hawknest Pond30max depth 27'elevation 32'
Cahoon Pond29max depthelevation 31'
Bucks PondNo PWC's (under 75 acres)
Olivers Pond29max depthelevation 31'
Robbins Pond28max depthelevation 29'
Sand Pond27max depthelevation
East Reservoir/Hall's Bog25No PWC's (under 75 acres)
Walkers Pond25max depth
(no motors)
Grass Pond23max depth
Aunt Edies Pond21max depth
Josephs Pond19No PWC's (under 75 acres)
Cornelius Pond16max depth
Skinequit Pond15No PWC's (under 75 acres)
Flax Pond15max depth
Smalls Pond15max depth
Mill Pond10max depth
Black Pond9max depth
Mud Pond7max depth
Andrews Pond (aka Katies Pond)6max depth
(no motors)
Island Pond4.5max depth

*hornpout-H, carp-C, smallmouth bass-SB, largemouth bass-LB, pickerel-P,
yellow perch-YP, white perch-WP, trout-T northern pike-NP

This table is under development courtesy Harwich Natural Resources Department.
Please report new information to Tom Leach at phone 508-430-7532

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